Meije development expertise comes mainly from that of its founder Gerard de Giovanni.

Gerard de Giovanni

Graduate of SUPELEC (nuclear option) and of the IAE of Paris (MBA), he participated in the research project on inertial confinement which has generated the first neutrons from a thermonuclear fusion laser in the Limeil CEA DAM center.

He led a first career at EDF, in the Engineering Division and the Equipment and the Delegation for Industrial Installations, in these five main areas :

  • building large computer projects,
  • building nuclear plants,
  • converting industrial sites, personnel and territories,
  • developing employment, spinoffs, SMEs and social economy,
  • representing EDF in Champagne-Ardenne region for all of its skills and divisions.

He managed the EDF Group subsidiary companies, including SAFIDI (Company Assistance Financing of Industrial Development), and chaired the Foundation's Action for Employment agents EDF and Gaz de France (in charge of the reintegration assistance and the social economy).

He has also been elected as a local representative in La Celle Saint Cloud, and has been since 1999 Foreign Trade Advisor of France ("Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France"), for Champagne-Ardenne region.

He has been in charge of Meije Development consulting firm for the past ten years.

He is a member of the international network of partners of the American company Advanse (SME development consulting internationally).

He is also associate director of Core Advice (advice and support for institutional changes, economic and social development of their operational implementation).

He is administrator of the Group for Planning and Developing Areas (CPAT), and participate in the development of its activities..

Furthermore, he is part of the INVESTESSOR Club (Club Investors Ile de France, a non-profit association of business angels / investors), and SIBESSOR, an investment company uniting thirty business angels, who invests in very small start-ups.