Meije development missions are delivered in developed countries and in developing countries. Major consultancies were conducted in France, Europe, Canada, as well as Madagascar and Gabon.

   Expertise in Business Development.

  • Supporting business development firm specializing in major projects of local governments.
    Client / partner : SEMAPHORES (a branch of the Alpha Group dedicated to businesses and territories).

  • Preparatory Study in France with the acquisition of a company in the field of facility management.
    Client / partner : SNC LAVALIN / Financial d’Antin

  • Strategic advice and development support for the European subsidiary of an international engineering and construction group, particularly in the field of electricity energy : thermal, hydro, nuclear, solar and marin energy.
    Client / partner : SNC LAVALIN

  • Supporting a business development company specializing in the customer advice in the field of environmental and energy issues.
    Client / partenaire : Nextep

  • Supporting a business development company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of instruments for measuring noise in electronics.
    Client / partner : Noise Extended Technologies / Noise X T

  • Supporting the business development of a group specialized in water, energy and environment engineering.
    Client / partner : Stucky Ltd / Stucky Ingénieurs Conseils

  • Providing strategic advice and development support for the European subsidiary of a Canadian company specialized in the field of hydrokinetic power generation systems.
    Client / partner : Instream Energy Systems

  • Supporting a business development company specializing in asset Management's expertise of real estate and infrastructure.
    Client / partner : OXAND

   Expertise in Local Development.

  • Proposed study to develop the area of the Pays du Bocage to bring out or validate several promising sectors in local development.
    Client / partner : GIP ADECO

   Expertise in Project Development.

  • Assistance to project owners for compliance roads and utilities ("VRD") network of a housing complex.
    Client / partner : GGF

  • Supporting and advising a groupment of cities ("communauté de communes") for the development and implementation of a policy of wind energy.
    Client / partner : Community of Municipalities of the 3 Cantons

  • Feasibility study for the creation and implementation of a production unit of bodywork / hardtop for commercial vehicles.
    Client / partner : Fibrocap

  • Supporting the fundrising for the French-Chinese school of engineers “F6” in Shanghaï.
    Client / partenaire : ParisTech / P. Bourrier

  • Project management as part of an assistance mission to the project owner (Permits : ICPE, PC, DAE) for the construction of a 400MW power plant : Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT).
    Client / partner : 3cb - ATEL-ALPIQ / SNC LAVALIN

  • Board adviser of European engineering company (specializing in technology and ovens for nuclear applications), and support for business development of an innovative project in the field of nuclear waste (Graphite IGM).
    Client / partner : FNAG / ALD France

   Expertise in Employment Development.

  • Study of the evolution strategy of an industrial site in a restructuring phase, and assessment of the view of local actors.
    Client / partner : confidentiality agreement

   Expertise in Solidarity and Local Development .

  • Study and implementation of a professional rehabilitation system for the Madagascar administration staff affected by a restructuring plan (Ministry of Public Works and Transportation in Madagascar).
    Client / partner : World Bank / Core Advice

  • Study and implementation of a professional rehabilitation system for the personnel of public enterprises affected by the program of privatization and restructuring in Gabon.
    Client / partner : African Development Bank / Core Advice