Thanks to its business expertise, Meije development supports you in various key sectors

Consulting and engineering services for industry

Systems engineering, operation and maintenance engineering, project risk management and control, performance improvement, etc.


_Production: alkaline electrolysis, PEM, SOEC + renewable and nuclear electricity
_Transport: in liquid form (at pressure and ambient temperature) with Hysilabs technology
_Storage: underground in liquid form with Hysilabs technology
_Distribution: Hydrogen Refueling Solutions stations
_Uses: industry, heavy mobility, etc.

Decarbonized energies

_ Nuclear (new nuclear and back-end of the fuel cycle, small innovative reactors, etc.)
_ Hydraulics (dam, STEP, …)
_ Solar (thermal, concentrated photovoltaic, organic photovoltaic, etc.)
_ Marine energies (tidal turbines, wave energy, off-shore wind turbines, etc.)

CSR and economic, social and environmental support

Major infrastructure and site conversion projects

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